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Here's some of my reactions on random situations:

  When someone says exactly what I just said and people pay attention to what he said but not at me:                        

  When my pal as that great idea of stealing cookies from the kitchen in the middle of one of our sleep overs:

  When i lend my pen to a classmate and notice that  he is biting it:

    When i get a great grade on a test:

    When i don't:

    When summer is about to end and school is going to start:

     When i take a look at my school's food:

      In school, when someone asks me for help with something right before a test and i realize  i don't remember that as well:

     When my internet goes down:

    When i got something in my shoe:

     When i'm listening to my favourite songs:

    When s
omeone says that he doesn't like my new shirt: