sexta-feira, 21 de setembro de 2012


Hi guys, school has started and I have 0 time to be in the internet. I'm very sorry. :S
Anyway, my brother posted this video on youtube. It's a teaser of his project (Lunar Ghost), so here it goes:



quarta-feira, 12 de setembro de 2012

Fuck Yeah

Some scary shit +.+

Awesome movie





What? Can't they have an account in facebook?



New school, strange people

Ok x_x

Cool seats


Look! Your new timeline cover

Awww, of course it is


Joker always wins

How cute *-*

Most girls

terça-feira, 11 de setembro de 2012

What ? 0.0

I used to do this ahah

ahahah cr

Photobombing xD



That's creative

Stupid stereotypes -.-

Ted knows the best

Like a boss

Smart guy



Nazi grammar

Admit it

segunda-feira, 10 de setembro de 2012

A bad idea

A leader

Thank you for your attention

Okay, weirdo


I'm terrible xD

How nice of you

I'm back :)

Hey guys. :D 
I'm back from my vacations and I'm really happy to see this number:

Thank you for everything. ^^ 
You're awesome.

sexta-feira, 31 de agosto de 2012

I'm going on vacation people.

Hi guys. :)
I'm here to tell you that I'm going on vacation for a week or so (I'll start posting again on the 10th of September). So, I'm not going to be able to leave anything on this blog for some time. :S  I'm really sorry. Thank you for visiting my blog, you're awesome. ^^
See ya  :D

My Jeans ;D

Do you guys know this fucking waste of space? Yeah Jenna Rose. Watch out! only click on play if you're mentally prepared for terrible music. Some laugh, some cry, whatever. Personaly I started laughing cause it was so bad. xD

Now I'll leave here the hillarious version of Brock's Dub. ^^

(This is only my personal opinion. :) Thank you for watching.)